Astrophysics Concentration

Astrophysics Concentration:

The astrophysics concentration is designed for physics majors with an interest in astrophysics.

  • Choose 3 credits from the 2000 level classes
    • PHYS 2021 Solar System
    • PHYS 2022 Stars, Galaxy and Universe
  • Choose 9 credits from the 3000, 4000 level classes
    • PHYS 4147 Relativity
    • PHYS 4247 Cosmology
    • PHYS 4347 Fundamentals of Astrophysics
    • PHYS 4263 Nuclei, Particles and Fields

The astrophysics option to your degree in physics can be found here

Adding the concentration to your major
  • Concentrations can be added or removed online, through OSCAR.
  • Note that if you attempt to follow this process, but do not see Astrophysics listed in the appropriate drop-down menu, it means that the concentration did not exist as part of the official catalog for year that you first entered Georgia Tech.  In that case, you will have to submit a paper “Change of Major/Catalog Year” form to the Tech Tower.