Our currently offered program of courses are as follows.


Course Number Topic Typical Schedule*
PHYS 2021 Solar System Fall
 PHYS 2022 Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe Spring
 PHYS 3021 Stellar Astrophysics Fall
 PHYS 3266 Computational Physics Spring
 PHYS 4263 Nuclei, Fields, and Particles Spring
 PHYS 4147 Relativity  Fall
 PHYS 4247 Cosmology Fall
 PHYS 4347 Fundamentals of Astrophysics Spring

* may not be annually offered


Course Number Topic Typical Schedule*
 PHYS 8803** High Energy Astrophysics Spring
 PHYS 8803 Cosmology & Galaxies Fall
 PHYS 7125 Gravity Spring
 PHYS 8803 Particle Astrophysics Fall
 PHYS 8803 Computational Physics Fall

*Note that most graduate courses are only offered every other year

**8803 indicates the course is a special topic