Graduate Students

Welcome graduate students!   We have listed a few resources that you might find helpful on this page.

Conference Travel Grants for College of Sciences’ Graduate Students Website:

Courses in astrophysics for graduate students

GT Minor for PhD: As you all know, as part of satisfying GT’s minor requirement for PhD students, you have to take at least 3 courses from ‘outside your  research area’. There are several ways of doing this, either by taking courses in GT (Physics and otherwise). One nice way of doing this while still learning some astrophysics is to take one of the Astronomy graduate courses offered by Georgia State University (only a couple of MARTA stops away). You can do this by  cross-registering and still get credit at GT. This does take some effort, but you and your advisor might decide that this is a good opportunity to learn some astronomy/astrophysics that will help your research. The deadline for applying to cross-register for the Fall 2016 courses is typically in April-May, and details are here:

Courses that Georgia State University offers:
* ASTRO 6100 Astro Techniques/Instrumentation
* ASTRO 8100 Stellar Structure & Evolution
* ASTRO 8400 Extragalactic Astronomy
* ASTRO 6000 Fundamentals of Astrophysics
* ASTRO 8000 Stellar Atmospheres and Spectra
* ASTRO 8300 Interstellar Medium